“The best decision I’ve ever made”. Alewijnse hardware engineer Kacem Moussaid explains…

The best decision I’ve ever made

“The best decision I’ve ever made”. Alewijnse hardware engineer Kacem Moussaid explains…

After a number of years working in the oil and gas sector, hardware engineer Kacem Moussaid is back with his old employer in the maritime sector; Alewijnse Marine. "It’s the best decision I've ever made," he says. Kacem is now working on the development of the electrical systems for the first European hopper dredger to be converted from diesel-electric propulsion to a dual-fuel application.

Back at Alewijnse

“Back at Alewijnse I feel that I have returned to my natural environment,” Kacem continues. “Alewijnse is one of the largest electrical players in the maritime market with a lot of expertise. There is a professional working environment and the company offers many challenges and opportunities for growth. Because I was already familiar with the team, I immediately felt at home and I started working straight away in my new position as a hardware engineer."


“My first project was the design and construction of two switchboards for an international water builder and the expansion of a PLC control system for a leading dredging company. At the moment I am working on a big challenge involving a ground-breaking French dredger. This will be the first conversion of its kind to take place on a dredger in Europe.

As an electrical engineer I am working as part of a project team. My responsibilities include setting technical specifications, updating load balances, performing short-circuit calculations, and the expansion of the fire alarm system, the main switchboards and the closed-circuit television (CCTV) system. I find this work very stimulating."


My ambition is to become one of the most important contact points at Alewijnse for both colleagues and customers in the field of engineering and the construction of electrical installations. I really enjoy creating solutions, making decisions and setting priorities at such a dynamic and attractive company as Alewijnse. I love diversity and variety in my work, that’s exactly what I like about Alewijnse."


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