Monitoring, Alarm & Control System

ALMACS is Alewijnse’s alarm, monitoring and control system for seagoing vessels, developed in full compliance with Bureau Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd. Flexible and open, it has a unique system configuration thanks to the complete integration of classification features and process demands. ALMACS is a Programmable Logic Controller based system, designed with stability and user friendliness in mind. Thanks to an orderly arrangement of the menus and alarm banner on the standard 12” touch screens, it can be easily operated from both the engine room and bridge.

Examples of system applications include:

  • ballast- / anti heeling control
  • engineer / bridge watch system
  • allocation of alarm destinations
  • priority management for firefighting pump, bilge and ejector features
  • exhaust monitoring
  • dredging process control

The upgraded ALMACS 4.0 is based on standard Telemecanique automation and control components with marine authorities certification, which means spare parts are available worldwide. The system software has been redeveloped with a focus on user friendliness. An analogue overview page clearly shows the actual alarm status, values, and set points. Several new options have been added, including engine exhaust gas monitoring, printing and messaging. Moreover, ALMACS 4.0 can communicate with systems without hardwired alarms via several protocols and a simple twisted-pair communication line.


  • Fully PLC and operator terminal based
  • Colour TFT touch screen control
  • Duty engineer selection with cabin units
  • Unmanned engine room
  • Historical functions, 450 lines of data


  • Dedicated standard system
  • Commercial off-the-shelf
  • Basic and customized solutions
  • User friendly
  • Easy operation
  • High technical standard